Co-founder of carpool app Kapuddle calls on Perth to introduce dedicated carpool lanes

The West Australian – 28th October

The co-founder of Perth’s first genuine carpooling service wants to see dedicated lanes for the exclusive use of vehicles with one or more passengers.

Jamie Vine, co-founder of the carpool app Kapuddle, believes it would reduce congestion.

“Average journey times in Perth during the morning and evening peak travel times are 42 and 40 per cent longer than normal,” Mr Vine said. “Carpooling reduces congestion, reduces the increasing cost of infrastructure and reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

“Carpool lanes are an afford-able, proven and obvious solution but have so far been ignored by State transport chiefs.”

Carpool lanes — or transit or high-occupancy lanes — featured in the draft of the Barnett government’s long-term transport plan.

See their video and read the full story here.


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