Kapuddle is on a journey. It wants to get from start to finish as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

It has ambitious plans to reduce congestion, reduce the carbon footprint created by cars, and reduce the tax burdens on governments around the world.

In order to achieve the Vision, Kapuddle will need to grow the number of people currently driving into becoming passengers.

Some cultures will be be easier than others, but all will need to be made aware of the opportunity to save money, and save time that car-pooling brings.

The potential of Kapuddle is dependent on the desire to grow internationally.

The technical development is prepared and ready to go internationally with a few minor tweaks to the languages of the designated countries to be installed into the App and permissions from governments to allow us to operate in each country.

There is a global requirement for an App such as Kapuddle as real people in each country are keen to reduce journey times and the cost of the commute to work and governments especially are keen to reduce maintenance costs of roads and freeways and above all else carbon emissions and pollution.

20 of the top 50 most congested cities in the world are on our doorstep in China and will be our first step after conquering Australia.

But consumer awareness is a costly price of entry into this market and as such we will need sufficient funds to market effectively.

For the reason of accelerated growth we need investors that share our Vision and can join us in the car-pool of investment.

If you are an individual or organisation that is interested in investing please do not hesitate to request a meeting for a full presentation of the investment opportunity.

Late Seed capital raising will open shortly. Please email to discuss.