Passengers: How To

Step 1: Create an Account

Add your name, email address, a 6 character password and your mobile number.

Choose Passenger and click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’

You will be sent an SMS with a 4 digit code to verify your mobile number.

The in app prompt will notify you that you have successfully created an account and prompt you to complete your profile next.

Click the orange ‘ok’ button to proceed.

Step 2: Complete Profile

In the ‘Profile’ section you should upload a photograph of yourself. (This will be seen by Drivers receiving your details, and deciding on a Passenger to share their trip with.)

Add your date of birth. Then choose Gender.

Add you Home Address.

Then ‘Click’ UPDATE PROFILE, so the information is saved.

The in app prompt will notify you that you have successfully updated your profile and prompt you to enter your payment details.

It will also let you know that we’ve sent an email to verify your email address. you need to click the link in the email to complete this part of the process.

Once completed you will be able to add your payment details.

Step 3: Confirm Email

Click the link in the welcome email. Return to the app.

Step 4: Add payment details

Add your credit card details.

(We do not store your details. They are sent to Stripe for security.)

Step 5: Register Your Trip or Trips

Click ‘HOME TO WORK’ to begin

Enter the Start Address (e.g. Home).

Enter the Destination Address (e.g. Work)

Choose ‘Single Trip’ or ‘Multiple Trips’

Select ‘Trip Date’ or ‘Start Date’

If you selected ‘Multiple Trips’ you need to select an ‘End Date’.

Add a ‘Departure Time’ (rounded to a time ending in a 0 (e.g. 7.10 or 7.40)

If you selected Multiple Trips you need to ‘Select Days’ between ‘Start’ and ‘End’ that you’re taking that regular Trip

(Tip: Create schedules around the Departure time. e.g. one schedule if you leave for work at 7.00am Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and a different schedule if you leave earlier of later on Wednesdays and Thursdays.)

You will be presented with a ‘Trip Summary’. If the summary is correct CONFIRM, if not go back and adjust.

When you confirm, the data will be sent to us and Drivers will be matched.

You will then be prompted to add your return trip.

Repeating the above.

Step 6: Select A Driver

When a Driver is matched you will receive an email and text message to prompt you to login to the app to Review the match.

You will see the Driver’s name, their photograph, a photo of their car and, if they used Kapuddle before, a Driver star rating.

If you’re happy with the match accept.

The Driver will receive a notification and review your details.

Once the Driver has confirmed the Passenger choice the trip will be activated and listed in your Active Trips.

That’s it. Your trip is now active.

Step 7: Kapuddle

The Driver will send us a message to say they have begun the trip and are ‘on the way’.

We will send this on to you in an email and an in app notification.

The Driver may send a message to inform you that they are delayed up to 10 minutes.

In the worst case they may have cancelled the trip. In this instance we send an SMS.

If they cancel you will not be charged for the trip.

If you cancel the trip there may be a charge.

Up to 12 hours notice no charge, 4- 12 hours notice we charge 50% of the trip cost, and less than 4 hours notice the full cost of each trip.

At the end of the trip we ask you log in and go to ‘PAST TRIPS’ to review the trip.