General User Questions

I want to try Kapuddle. What should I do?

The first thing to do is to do is click the link to CREATE ACCOUNT.

How do I add the app to my smartphone device Home screen?

On an iOS Device
Using Safari
At the bottom of the screen is an icon that shows a square with an arrow pointing up. Click that. A screen will open giving you the option to ‘Add to Home Screen’. Click that. You will then be invited to ‘Add’ the quick link to the website. Click ‘Add’ in the top right corner. Your home screen will display our ‘K’ icon.

Can anyone join?

You must be 18 years or older to use Kapuddle.
Drivers must hold a current Australian Driving Licence.
Passengers need to have a credit card.

How does Kapuddle match passengers with drivers?

Kapuddle connects Passengers and Drivers with nearly identical commutes based on their home and work addresses. Thanks to the advanced mapping capabilities the app calculates the most efficient routes and connects car-pool partners from the same local community, making it easy.

Can Drivers pick up and drop off Passengers anywhere?

Passengers and Drivers are matched based on pick up and drop off locations, and set in advance through Kapuddle.
Since Drivers (like Passengers) are on their way to work, they’ll be sticking to their regular commute route and giving a ride along the way.
Drivers and Passengers can negotiate exact pick up and drop off points but the app will only record the trip scheduled.

How is payment handled?

Passengers and drivers share the cost for the trip. Payment is set in advance and money is transferred from Passengers to Drivers automatically.
Passengers are debited when Drivers inform us of a completed trip.
Drivers balances are transferred to their bank accounts once a week.

When can I use Kapuddle, and when are my chances greatest to find a match?

Though Kapuddle supports trips at all times, the system is designed to work best in commute rush hours. To increase the chances for a Kapuddle trip, Passengers should schedule their trips a few days to a few weeks in advance of starting to get the maximum advantage.

How many times can I use Kapuddle daily?

Kapuddle is only available for two trips a day, one to work and one home.

How many people can ride with the same Driver?

Kapuddle matches up to three Passengers to and/or from work.

I need to drop my kids off; can they ride with me?

Sorry but this request can’t be accommodated for either Passengers or Drivers.
Passengers must be least 18 years old.
Kapuddle drivers are not be equipped to safely seat a young child in the car.

Is Kapuddle available for all commutes?

The app uses Google Maps and Stripe and is currently suited to Driving Licence verification only in Australia. We plan to expand as we grow our user base.


I’m a driver. How does it work?

Go to Drivers: How to for more information.

Are Kapuddle Drivers Kapuddle employees?

No. Kapuddle Drivers are everyday people who use Kapuddle to drive to work.

Can I make money with Kapuddle?

Kapuddle focuses on recovering costs, not generating an income. At most, you’ll receive two or three ride requests daily, located on your existing commute route at the time you’ll be driving on it. The app is designed to recover up to 100% of your running costs.

Is Kapuddle covered by my car insurance?

Auto insurance policies in many States typically allow not for profit, share-the-expense car-pooling. Kapuddle is designed to help passengers and drivers share the cost of car-pooling on a given trip. It is not designed to allow a driver to make a profit or to earn a salary. Payments to the Driver, by the Passenger, will always be less than the cost of the particular trip, taking account of such factors as fuel, servicing, tyres, interest and vehicle depreciation.

Why should I give someone a ride?

Kapuddle makes it easy to help a neighbour in your area. Detours are minimal so your drive to work is almost the same. In the future you may get to ride in the car-pool lane so speedy up journey times, and the passenger you pick up helps cover your commute costs (See the calculator to see how much you could recover) – so why not? It’s also a greener and a more social way to get to work and can really make a positive impact on your community.


I’m a passenger, how does it work?

Go to Passengers: How to for more information.

How many people can get a ride?

Kapuddle matches up to three but in most cases one passenger to one driver, per one-way ride, to and/or from work.

What about wheelchair accessibility?

Because passengers are matched with Kapuddlers using their own vehicles and on their way to work, we cannot guarantee the car will be wheelchair accessible.

Why should I use Kapuddle to get to work?

Car-pooling made EASY
Effortless: You schedule your trips, the system matches available drivers and payment is handled automatically. You get picked up and dropped off at the locations that work for you.
Affordable: You only share to cover commute cost. In most cases it maybe not as cheap as Public Transport, but likely to be cheaper than driving yourself and parking, and a lot cheaper than getting a Taxi, or Uber etc
Safe: All Drivers are verified that they have a bank account, and a current Australian Driving Licence.
Yellow: Well ‘Green’ to be precise. Kapuddle supports a green way to get to work since you’re driving with someone on a commute they’re taking anyway, with or without you.

If you have a question not answered above please do not hesitate to email support@kapuddle.com.au for assistance. We aim to answer all queries in 72 hours.

You can find the Terms and Conditions here.